Sunday, March 30, 2008

Empty Soul

Nothing special about this blog.. empty soul exist just for fun...

we try so hard to make our life perfect filled with laughter, love, compassion, respect, and sense of acting matured and many of the good things. But many wise people believe that it wouldn’t be much of a life if it is only filled with good times. Bad times make us learn many facts of life. weapons....always say YES to NO racism...always say YES to PEACEFULNESS.....yes this is what we call a perfect life...a perfect SOUL...

we can’t predict what is going to happen and when we can’t prevent what we can’t predict then its better if we sometimes throw this extra burden off our shoulder and enjoy the beautiful day.

I do not have a huge house, brand new car, latest gadgets or lots of bling... what I DO have is a beautiful family and memories that will last forever ;)

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