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Jom la uols ajak kengkawan sedara mara kita g memeriahkan OctTwtFest (22 oct 2011..3pm-12am)....tak kira la uol ada twitter ke takde...kalau tak de nnti uol leh create acc kat sana...tak de smart phone?? its ok kat sana  ada disediakan PC..

Aku pun tak tau pekemenda nih...jom baca nih...

OctTwtFest will be held at:

DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, 
Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1
Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park
40000, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
GPS: 3.0689098253134692, 101.56967639923096 
22nd October 2011
3 pm to 12 am

OctTwtFest goal:

1. To gather at least 1,500 tweeps to attend this twtup

2. To put Malaysia on the map, and beat the current Guinness Book of Record held by Ford, which is 1,149 check-ins at a venue for a twtup

3. To unlock the Epic Swarm Badge (more than 1000 check-ins at a venue)

OctTwtFest activities

1. Live performances by tweeps and local celebrities. List of performers will be updated soon

2. Karaoke halls

3. Movie marathon in our very own mini cinema hall

4. PS3 game competition; FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Rock Band

5. Indoor and outdoor bazaar

6. October babies birthday celebration

7. Ongoing twittercrush dedication

8. Live feed of OctTwtFest hashtag

9. Twister competition and many other board games

10. Tweet challenges. Prizes by DiGi

11. Lucky draw

12. Photo booth

Persoalan Minda

Mcm mana nak g sana?
Shuttle bus will be provided from KTM/Komuter Shah Alam Station to DiGi HQ from 3pm to 6pm and 11 pm to 12 am. Parkign pun ada disediakan jugak don worry k. The GPS coordinates of the venue is : 3.0689098253134692, 101.56967639923096

Tak de smart phone la. How do I tweet from the venue?
Kat sana ada disediakan 5 PCs  for you to tweet via web. Don’t worry #tahiTwitter. We’ve got you covered

Makan minum cmne plak dari kul 3 sampai 12 mlm tu?
Free flow of halal food and drinks. Yes, you aren’t hallucinating. FREE

How do I join this twtup?
Keep up to date with #octTwtFest and follow @OctTwtFest on twitter. No registration needed

What do I wear for this twtup?
Suka hatilah koranf nak pakai apa pun...jgn bogel sudah...

Boleh ke bawak makcik pakcik nenek moyang?
YES. The purpose of a twtup is to meet new friends, therefore we welcome anyone to OctTwtFest

Pejadah OctTwtFest ni?
To meet new people, expand your network, and to be part of a groundbreaking, historical event

Kalau nak ter shi shi ke nak solat ke camne?
Jagan risau kat sana ada comfortable ladies and gents, and also musolla for Muslims to perform their prayers

I’m psyched! Who’s going to perform?
Rerajin la cek hapdet from @octTwtFest. Stay tuned!!!!

Saya takde twitter account. How do I follow @octTwtFest?
Go to twitter.com and register :)

How do I participate in the Epic Swarm Badge?
Download Foursquare on your smart phone, and register an account in Foursquare

Macam menarik kan uols...jom la...reramai kita g k...see you there okies donkies...

Yours Truly
-empty Soul-

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