Wednesday, February 22, 2012

20 blogging tips i learned so far

  1. Start blogging today, seriously its FUN!!!
  2. If you are serious about blogging buy your own domain 
  3. Use a short and easy to remember name...(
  4. At least 7 posts a week
  5. Interact with other bloggers
  6. Write about something that you love
  7. Leave meaningful comments on the blogs you read
  8. Use readable fonts...not too colorful...
  9. Dare to be yourself...don't imitate others
  10. Read as many blogs as possible to get an idea
  11. Use pictures whenever possible
  12. Be patient
  13. Get rid of long blogrolls
  14. Always answer to comments
  15. Write with a personal touch
  16.  Use simple colors
  17. Participate in blogging projects
  18. Get to know other bloggers personally
  19. Talk directly to your readers
  20. Never forget to mention your sources or reference (avoid plagiarism)

Yours Truly

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