Thursday, February 23, 2012

It happens only in India!!!

Indian Woman gave birth to eleven 11 kids’????

KITA digemparkan dengan cerita ni kan last few weeks??? aku pun ter"AMAZE" sekali la....rupanya aku TIPU korang la dengan my post sebelum ni...BUKAN 4 TAPI 11...

"The actual story goes like this. About 11 babies in India On 11.11.11 a special day, 11 women who had conceived with IVF (Invitro fertilization-Test Tube Baby Treatment), at 21st CenturyHospital & Test Tube Baby Centre, Station Road, Surat, Gujarat, INDIA were delivered by elective caesarian section by Dr. Purnima Nadkarni, Dr. Pooja Nadkarni, Dr. Aditi Nadkarni & Dr. Kishore Nadkarni. In all 11 babies delivered from 11 mothers, 9 singleton pregnancies and 2 twins. This is the “World Record” for the date and all were test tube babies".-thesky-

PS: India ni mmg banyak benda2 pelik kan...tak caya TENGOK SINI...kalau nak tgk lagi CLICK NI...JFF!!!

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