Monday, July 1, 2013

Living With Holes in the Heart

Special Considerations for Children and Teens

  • Physical activity. Children who have a repaired or closed ASD have no restrictions on their activity.
  • Growth and development. Children who have ASDs don't have growth or development problems.
  • Ongoing care. Your child should see his or her regular doctor for routine health care.
  • Additional surgery. When a child has an ASD but no other heart defects, additional surgery isn't needed.

Living With a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)

Children/Adult who have small VSDs and no symptoms only need occasional followup with a cardiologist.
Children and adults who've had successful repair of VSDs and have no other congenital heart defects can expect to lead healthy, active lives.

Ongoing Care

Dentist may give you antibiotics before medical or dental procedures (such as surgery or dental cleanings) that can allow bacteria into the bloodstream.

Special Considerations for Children / Adult

  • Physical activity. Children/adult who have small VSDs that don't require surgery or who have recovered from VSD repair shouldn't have activity restrictions.
  • Teens and young adults rarely need additional surgery once VSDs are closed or repaired.

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